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Company Profile

Beijing Sunny International Communications Ltd., anenterprise under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republicof China, is committed to marketing travel destinations both in China andabroad. Its business scope covers brand marketing and promotion of tourismdestinations, planning and organizing of cultural and tourism events, planningand implementation of public relations activities, media integration andadvertising, cultural and creative products publishing, and intellectual propertyauthorization. The company has also established and operates severalstate-class online platforms to present China’s cultural and tourism productsto the world.

Over the years, SunnyCommunications has undertaken the mission of organizing bilateral Tourism Yearactivities sponsored by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Laos,Cambodia, Mongolia, Malaysia, and Brunei. It has held large-scale internationalevents including the China International Travel Mart (CITM), the China TourismIndustries Exposition (CTIE), and the Beijing International Health Tourism Expoas sponsor or organizer. It has participated in the planning and organizationof such high-level events as the China-Cambodia Cultural and Tourism ExchangeConference, the International Mayor’s Forum on Tourism inZhengzhou, China, the WTA Xianghu Dialogue, and the First Health TourismDevelopment Conference. The company also boasts unique media resources rangingfrom film, TV, and print media to online media and new media and has published many high-quality tourism marketing advertisements. To date, it has compiled and printed more than100 million copies of advertising brochures and booklets for traveldestinations as well as cultural and tourism institutions and companies, whichhave been distributed in over 100 countries and regions around the world.Moreover, it operates websites including Travelchina.org.cn, CITM Online, andCTIE Online which forge an online platform integrating exhibition, promotion,marketing, and trading of cultural and tourism resources.

Since its inception,Sunny Communications has remained dedicated to serving practitioners incultural and tourism industries both at home and abroad. So far, it hasdeveloped into China’s most vigorous and influential flagship company in therealm of tourism destination marketing. The company has stayed true to the missionof “promoting Beautiful China and telling China’s stories,” contributing greatwisdom and strength to the development of cultural and tourism industries inChina and the world.

Our Objective

To build a flagship business specialized in marketing international tourism.

Our Mission

To market the Beautiful China and serve international tourism.

Our Spirit

Honest, keen, dedicated and innovative.



20 余年


Core Resources


In recent years, Sunny Communications has beenconcentrating on providing all-media marketing and promotion services forChinese and overseas tourism brands. It has won state-class credentials toengage in many sectors of the tourism industry.


Sunny Communications hasbeen committed to the development of tourism over the years and has beenengaged in extensive and intensive collaborationwith the followingorganisations to promote the prosperous development of tourism, including theChina National Tourism Administration, the Department of Culture and Tourism ofAnhui Province, Baoji Municipal People’s Government, Pacific Asia TravelAssociation, China Tourism Academy, China Central Television (CCTV), CCTV.com,Phoenix Television, ifeng.com and Star Map Publisher.

Team of Experts

It has a team of more than 10 recognized Chinese and overseas tourism experts, who predict and analyze the tourism market with an international perspective, interpret the latest policies and analyze the industry's trends, keeping abreast of market dynamics, and providing optimal service plans for positioning of clients’ tourism brands and marketing.

Development History

  • 策划、主办“中国·最美四季”大型营销活动,面向全球开展导游短视频和摄影作品征集活动。此活动是中国跨境旅游营销的重要举措,为广大海外游客持续了解中国文化和旅游资源做出了积极探索。

  • 先后与安徽省文化和旅游厅、宝鸡市人民政府签订战略合作协议,开始致力于地方旅游目的地形象品牌全案营销推广。

  • We undertook the Asian Culture and Tourism Exhibition, building a platform for culture and tourism exchanges and cooperation among Asian countries.?We represented the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on many occasions to go to Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia, Malaysia and other overseas countries to host the joint year of culture and tourism activities, which provided a successful example for the holding of the joint year of culture and tourism activities, as well as the promotion and marketing of the national cultural and tourism image.

  • We initiated the establishment of the China Tourism Association Health Tourism Branch to promote the development of the health tourism industry, building a platform for exchanges and cooperation between the health and tourism industries.? After institutional reform, under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we took multiple measures to promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, committed to marketing beautiful China and telling China's stories well.

  •  We hosted the Beijing International Health Tourism Expo, which built the company's proprietary brand, promoting the integrated development of the new format of health tourism.

  • We strive for innovative, lead the industry and obtain 18 years of glory, symbolizing the success of “Sunny 360°Overall Industry Chain Tourism Marketing Model.”

  • In three successive years, we operated the Sichuan International Travel Expo and accomplished a lot, boosting spreading and promotion of “World Tourism Destination” image of Sichuan Province and Leshan City.

  • In three successive years, we operated Strait Travel Fair and set up Fuzhou Office, which is the first time to operate the exhibition independently.

  • We began the agent of CCTV media resources, launched national TV media resources operation model and obtained Excellence Award of CCTV advertising agent firms.

  • Beijing Xinglu Advertising Ltd formally changed the name to “Beijing Sunny International Communications Ltd”, starting its international development strategy.

    In the same year, Tourism Insight magazine started publication. In the perspective of finance and economy, this magazine provides management and operation methods for regional tourism development and enterprise efficiency improving.

  • We assisted China National Tourism Administration and Shanghai Municipality People’s Government to carry on global promotion of “World Expo Tourism” and attracted 8 million overseas tourists to visit.

  • We have planned and organized International Mayor’s Forum on Tourism-Zhengzhou, China for  five successive sessions, symbolizing that our tourism forum planning and organizing grows mature.

  • We jointly held “Tourism· Future & Development ·China Forum 2007”, and discussed China’s tourism future development, symbolizing our company business extended into international tourism large-scale forum.

  • Assist China National Tourism Administration and Beijing Municipality People’s Government to for “Olympic Tourism” tourism integration and marketing promotion, boosting global promotion of “Olympic Tourism”.

  • Strive for progress and constant growth, Beijing Sunny International Communications Ltd has organized China International Travel Mart in the running 16 years, accumulating rich experience and leading this realm of exhibition and convention. 

  • Catering to the development trend, Beijing Xinglu Advertising Ltd (formerly Beijing Sunny International Communications Ltd.) was founded in Beijing, aiming to serve China’s tourism industry.

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